Web 2.0 revolution via upgrade portabilitate scalabilitate

9 Octombrie 2010
Ziua in care Web 2.0 a trecut din inconstientul colectiv in constientul colectiv, cele mai importante 100 din Cyberspatiu / Internet sunt interbonectate si relationeaza in baze de date portabile scalabile sistemele, informatiile, pozele, pattern-urile individuale pozele etc sunt “dust in the wind”
All systems connected now, ai cont pe FB, Google, Yahoo, Blogspot, Flickr, Youtoube, toate le poti interconecta, isi importa singure bazele de date intre ele, tehnologia Open ID este  acum rutina cotidiana.
Get all your social updates in one place. Select from services that let you share what you’ve been doing on other websites, see your friends and their updates from other services in *?*?*?*?*, or share your Windows Live activity on other websites.
– Internet Explorer 9 Beta
– Yahoo 10.0
– Facebook
– Twiter
– G-Mail
– Hotmai
– Linkedin
– WordPress
– MySpace
– PhotoBucket
– Picasa
– Flickr
– Flixter
– Blogger
– Youtube
– Fotoblog
– LastFM
– Pandora
– Netlog
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