Cum îți dai seama că ai candidați nepotriviți pentru un job


How to spot candidate red flags
Know what to look for and what to avoid

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As a hiring manager, you want to narrow in on your top candidates as fast as you can. In this guide, we present methods to help you better identify them from day one, including tips for reviewing resumes and invaluable ways you can identify candidates you’ll want to engage. Let’s start with the basics:

– What to look for when reviewing resumes and LinkedIn profiles
– Know what high-performing candidates have in common
– Avoid candidates with potential red flags

Signs of a high-performing candidate

Stats and results
Does a candidate include facts or numbers referencing accomplishments like growth percentages or direct bookings?
This may indicate an analytical and results-focused candidate.

– Is their LinkedIn profile complete?
This may demonstrate a detail-oriented and serious job seeker.

The inclusion of testimonials may share more about a candidate’s performance and personality. Look for recommendations from former employers or industry peers.

– Group and community involvement
Active participation in LinkedIn Groups or volunteer organizations alludes to greater interests and solid connections with certain industries and their community.









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