Star Wars Clone Wars Sezonul 4


Asa cum era asteptat, din septembrie a inceput sezonul 4 de la Clone Wars

Noul sezon 4 este foarte slab, nu imi place nici povestea cum se desfasoara, nici coerenta, nici animatia, parca ii lipseste ceva desi are parte de multa actiune.
Totusi ca plus are diversitatea personajelor si diversitatea situatiilor, intram asadar intr-o lume a imaginatiei bogate si diversificate.
Am urmarit ultimele 20 episoade, (ca pana apare pe Cartoon Network in Romania mai trece un an, plus ca dublarea in limba romana lasa mult de dorit pentru ca afecteaza coloana sonora si vocile personajelor, este clar asta) sunt interesante pentru fani le recomand cu incredere.
Daca vreti sa urmariti primele 10 seriale din noua serie am postat aici cateva link-uri sa le downloadati si voi si daca mai doriti mai multe seriale le postez aici.

– Folositi un sistem audio performant, sunetul merita sa fie apreciat
– Vizionati filmul pe un ecran LCD / LED / Plasma de minim 32″ (90cm), vizionatul pe calculator este putin placut
– Serialele pot fi downloadate de pe la o saptamana de la lansare, acum de exemplu am vizionat toate serialele cu exceptia serialului 20 din sezonul 4

Link de download:
Serialul 1 si 2

Serialul 3 si 4

Serialul 5 si 6

Serialul 7 si 8

Serialul 9 si 10

Serialul 11 si 12

Serialul 13 si 14

Nr Titlu
1 Water War
The Jedi now find themselves on the planet of Mon Calamari helping to keep the peace in a near civil war. But the Separatists have another plan. Will the Jedi and the inhabitants of Mon Calamari join forces and push back the invaders, or will another planet fall in the hands of the Separatists?
2 Gungan Attack
After the Separatists defeat most of the Republic forces on Mon Calamari, the Jedi are forced to call in the help of the Gungan Grand Army. However, in the aftermath of the battle, the remaining Republic forces are captured, leaving Ahsoka and Prince Lee-Char to devise a new strategy.
3 Prisoners
After Anakin, Padme, Kit Fisto and Jar Jar Binks are all captured by Riff Tamson, Ahsoka and Prince Lee Char must find a way to free their friends from the grip of the Separatists. Endeavoring to liberate his planet from the sinister Tamson, Lee Char must now convince the Quarren to rejoin his cause.
4 Shadow Warrior
Anakin, Padme and Jar Jar uncover a plot on Naboo for the Gungans to aid the Separatists. However, as the subterfuge unravels, can the Jedi and the Gungans delay General Grievous as he prepares to launch his massive attack on Naboo?
5 Mercy Mission
Plo Koon’s clone legion “The Wolfpack”, R2-D2 and C-3PO are set to help the planet of Aleen in its time of need, but the droids discover some importance to the planet’s situation.
6 Nomad Droids
After an attack from General Grievous, R2-D2 and C-3PO find themselves on a series of adventures to get back to Coruscant.
7 Darkness on Umbara
When Anakin is forced to temporarily turn over command of his clone troopers to a new commander, the Jedi Pong Krell, tensions begin to run high as the clones are assigned with a very deadly mission to take the capital of Umbara.
8 The General
General Krell orders Captain Rex and the clone troopers of the 501st Legion to conquer a heavily fortified Umbaran airbase, and will not accept anything less than victory. It is an almost certain suicide mission, unless the clones can use their ingenuity to defeat their new enemy.
9 Plan of Dissent
After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital. Realizing there’s a better plan, several clone troopers disobey orders to carry out a rogue, covert operation.
10 Carnage of Krell
With two of his men facing execution for disobeying orders, Captain Rex is forced to confront his overly aggressive commander, General Krell, in the conclusion to the action-packed battle for Umbara. Risking charges of mutiny, Rex must make a dark choice as the true face of the enemy emerges.
11 Kidnapped
Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of an entire colony of people on the planet Kiros. As Anakin and Ahsoka rush to defuse a series of bombs planted by the slavers, Obi-Wan must fight with their imposing leader. The imposing leader runs off leading Anakin and Ahsoka to raid and take over the leader’s ship.
12 Slaves of the Republic
Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex, and Ahsoka go undercover to infiltrate the slavers on Zygerria to find the missing Colonists. Obi-Wan, Rex, and Anakin as slavers and Ahsoka as the slave (impersonating an heiress). Anakin struggles with his emotions as a wily Zygerrian queen forces him to take questionable actions in order to carry out his mission.
13 Escape from Kadavo
Anakin tries to convince the Zygerrian Queen that she too is a slave and pawn in an evil Separatist plot. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan toils in the slave camps of Kadavo, a grim situation that grows increasingly bleak.
14 A Friend in Need
A peace conference between Separatists and Republic delegates is interrupted by Lux Bonteri, the son of a late Separatist Senator, who announces his intention to defect to the Republic. Soon after, he involves Ahsoka in his dangerous search to find justice for his mother’s death.
15 Deception
Obi-Wan fakes his own death and goes undercover(as Rako Hardeen) in a Republic prison, in order to gather information on a plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine from a convict named Moralo Eval. While there, he learns that another prisoner, notorious bounty hunter Cad Bane, is also involved. Meanwhile, Anakin seeks vengance over the death of his former master.
16 Friends and Enemies
Having escaped from prison, Obi-Wan, Cad Bane and Moralo Eval flee across the galaxy, pursued by Anakin and Ahsoka. Obi-Wan must devise a way to warn his fellow Jedi to halt their chase without blowing his cover.
17 The Box
Count Dooku invites some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, including Cad Bane and a still-disguised Obi-Wan, to compete in a obstacle course known as “The Box”, with involvement in the plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine as the reward for survival. After facing many challenges in the Box, Obi-Wan survives, along with Cad Bane and 4 other bounty hunters. Cad Bane is appointed by Dooku to lead the kidnap operation against Paplatine on Naboo.
18 Crisis on Naboo
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine goes to Naboo guarded by Jedi Knights. Meanwhile, Cad Bane, a still-disguised Obi-Wan and a pack of bounty hunters put their plan into action, but fails when Obi-Wan alerts the Jedi. With the Bounty Hunters in Republic Custody Obi-Wan wants to change back to his original self.What Obi-Wan didn’t realize was that Dooku was listening when he alerted Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker. Dooku tries again later to kidnap Palpatine when he is alone with Anakin. Obi-Wan realizes what is going on, and Anakin and Obi-Wan fight Dooku,and save the Chancellor. Dooku escapes from Naboo, leaving Anakin and Obi-Wan with Palpatine.
19 Massacre
Count Dooku is determined to have revenge against the Nightsisters of Dathomir after their betrayal with Savage Opress. General Grievous launches an all-out droid attack against the magic-wielding witches, and Mother Talzin convinces Asajj Ventress to rejoin the Nightsisters after she left years ago. Ventress and Mother Talzin lead the defense with all the dark powers at their command.After a fight with Grievious, Ventress is badly wounded in the shoulder. All of the Nightsisters are killed, except Ventress, who then grieves over her sisters and mothers death.
20 Bounty
An aimless Asajj Ventress joins a team of bounty hunters under the leadership of young Boba Fett. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills, and the strength of Asajj’s character.

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